Who We Are

China Universal is one of the fastest-growing and well-respected asset managers in China. Our mission, in order of importance, is to enrich clients, empower employees, and reward shareholders.

We opened for business in February 2005, almost 10 years ago. Since then, our unwavering commitment to our mission has driven rapid growth in our retail and institutional client base. Today we manage assets in excess of US$37Bn through both segregated mandates and our range of 50 mutual funds across China's equity, fixed income and money market asset classes.

Corporate Governance

To survive and thrive, we believe it is critical for us to maintain sound relationships and effective communication with our investors, board of directors, and shareholders. We are the first Chinese financial institution to be invited to join the Asian Corporate Governance Association (ACGA), a regional corporate body which is driving change in the way in which financial markets and their participants operate in the Asian market place.

Our shareholders are Orient Securities Co., Ltd., Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, and China Eastern Airline Group, all leaders in their respective industries. Headquartered in Shanghai, we reach out to domestic Chinese and international investors through branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, a representative office in Chengdu, and our Hong Kong subsidiary.

What We Do

Our strategy is simple: to be a world leader in the management of China-related assets through outstanding investment expertise, client service excellence, product innovation, and industry thought leadership.

We are a fully licensed China asset manager qualified to manage discretionary accounts for domestic and institutional clients. In addition we are active participants in the QDII, QFII, and RQFII programmes, managing client accounts and fund structures for international investors. We established a Hong Kong subsidiary in 2009 with local investment, sales and marketing teams focused on international client demands. We have evolved from a simple mutual funds company to a leading asset management company at the forefront of international business (QDII/QFII/RQFII), segregated account and pension management, as well as e-commerce and mutual fund management.

Client First

The long-term interests of our clients are our primary consideration. We are dedicated to serving our clients with enthusiasm and professionalism and firmly believe that their success is a measure of our own success.


Only those with passion will succeed. Therefore, we always take a proactive view towards life and people. We are not afraid of obstacles and challenges, and bring warmth and comfort to the people we work with and work for.


Every single successful venture at China Universal relies on teamwork. We appreciate and trust in a team of responsible and cooperative employees rather than individual stars.


We hold to the highest standard of integrity here at China Universal. We are open and frank to everyone, including clients, colleagues, friends, and competitors. We strictly abide by domestic and international laws, rules, and regulations.


At China Universal, every employee is aware of and possesses a sincere sense of gratitude. We are grateful to all who have helped us and all who place their trust in us.

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